Private Training

The private session is a fantastic way to train your puppy or dog, with your family, in your home, or at our location, around your schedule!  It doesn't get any better than this.

Garrett will custom tailor a behavior modification plan that will work best for you and your dog.  This is 99% of what we do because of the amazing results and rapid changes that occur in the owners and the dogs!

Whether your dog faces aggression, fears or phobias, or just wants to reach the next level of training; the personal and convenient in-home sessions yield great results in fast order. From puppy behaviors to advanced dog obedience and behavior modification, training in your neighborhood is always the best idea.  We set up real world scenarios and achieve the greatests results!

Private training and natural dog handling is the best option to balance and calm an over-excited or out of control dog.  Unlike other training methods, you will see real results and a happier, calmer dog! 

In your home or at our location Garrett can see the worst of your dog’s behaviors and know what to deal with first, and then determine the best plan of action.  
Give us a call and experience the difference.

                                                   Call today, it could change your life.

"Garrett is the only trainer we recommend!  He is great with dogs and people.  His methods differ from other trainers
because he gets great results no matter how difficult the dog.  Everyone at Fort Fido highly recommends him!"

-David, owner, Fort Fido Doggie Daycare, U.P. WA

*Due to extremely high demand for this service please understand calls are returned on a first call first serve basis*

Group Classes

Come put your training to the test in a distracting yet secure environment. Classes are fun, and folks are amazed by how much their puppy or dog can learn to focus, even with distractions. Garrett always challenges the puppies and dogs to a higher level of training by adding more time, distance, and distractions.  

"Garrett's classes are different because unlike other typical trainers he doesn't teach them based on a set curriculum but instead customizes the classes according to the individual human handlers and their dogs!"

All ages are welcome from nine week old puppies to senior dogs, they all can learn new tricks. Call to find out the next time and date available to join in on the fun.

Garrett networks with many of the best local doggy daycares, groomers, and vets. Group classes are held at safe, clean dog daycares or kennels throughout the Puget Sound area.

*Please be aware there are several cons when compared to the few pros that occur in any group class setting...They are never the best option for a dog or pup to build a natural and calm relationship!*  For more info about this critical issue please go to our blog and search "Group classes."*



Seminars and Workshops

- Balanced and Calm: Dog Whispering Vs. Dog Training Seminar. In this popular seminar, Garrett performs live demos on hyper dogs, fearful or aggressive dogs in attendance. He will cover how dogs think; communicating with canines; pack structure; the alpha; corrections (to correct or not?); and most important, how to calm and balance your dog.

- Socialize for Success: This new seminar examines how sociability in dogs is the key to proper canine behavior. Most problems can be fixed by the right kind of socialization (in old dogs too). It also covers pack dynamics, and how there is strength in numbers. Bring your crazy dog and Garrett will perform live demos.

-  Heeling and Leash Manners: 
This workshop is what you need to get a fantastic heel with a loose leash!  If your dog or puppy pulls, lunges, barks, bites, over-smells or over- marks while on leash this is the one for you.  Don't waste time out-muscleing your dog, get the walk or jog you've always imagined.

Puppy Imprinting:  This workshop is phenominal if you have a new puppy.  We cover all the major puppy issues and then some.  I believe it is vital to add natural dog training techniques and dog massage in a firm yet calming way if you own a new pup.  A canines first two senses are smell and touch/feeling.  In this workshop I give you the tools to lead, teach, and bond with your extremely rapid growing puppy.  The first year of a dog's life is actually the human equivalent of 15 years!  They go from toddler right to teen!  All puppies are blank slates and furry bundles of raw instinct.  Early dog training, dog whispering, and socialization is vital to proper canine mental development and makes everything easier on both dog and human in the future.

Fearful Dog (or Pup):  95% of aggression is fear based. This workshop covers how truly debilitating and horrifying fear can be in an animal born to explore, smell, play, and run in a social group/pack!  A canine's very survival is based on being social and not over-fearful.  Fear is all to common in our dogs these days and it is because they are constantly allowed to over access the fight/flight side of their brain.  Many times the well meaning owner, dog trainer, behavioralist, dog rescue or vet even exacerbates and intensifies the problem by soft praise, picking-up, and over-petting at totally inappropriate times.  Get the knowledge and demonstration you and your dog desperately need to move forward.  Don't allow your dog or puppy to be a victim - Get them the help they need and get them moving onward and upward, more social, much calmer and happier.

Apprenticeships Now Available!


Learn the natural, calming ways of canine communication directly from the HOT Listed author of Dog Myths, Garrett Stevens and, of course, the dogs!

Learn the Garrett Stevens Method and how to equip clients and calm and reverse serious behavioral issues

as our Certified apprentice!  

Discover what most behaviorists and trainers do NOT know!  (you'd be surprised)


Learn the differences of dog whispering, behavior modification techniques, and obedience training and how and when to apply which method for

greatest efficiency and best results!  

Gain life, business, observation, and dog training skills in a creative, fun, challenging, and exciting environment!


If you are the Owner of a Veterinary office, Dog Daycare, Dog Rescue, Grooming facility or Dog Boutique ...

-You can book Garrett for a "Meet the Trainer" day or a Q and A session for your customers in your facility.

-You can book us for Group Obedience Classes, Puppy Classes and Seminars and Workshops on dog behavior in your facility.

-You can book Garrett to Instruct your staff and provide Demonstrations on proper dog handling and many other issues such as:  

the fearful dog, the rescue dog, the alpha dog, how to stop a dog fight, how to avoid getting bit and safety techniques, how dogs think, pack dynamics, predatory drift, how dogs should meet, what to do when typical dog training isn't working, interrupting a dog's behavioral pattern, reading dog body language and energy communication, and the aggressive dog.

Call to request our training book, Dog Myths, for your office or facility!  The book is a game-changer.


Facetime Calls 

If you are out of our South Sound training area but love our testimonials, results, philosophy, and methodology you can reserve a timeslot on our busy schedule for Facetime calls with Garrett who'll listen and then give active, real-world solutions for your specific family and your specific dog!  

This is a great option for those fans that follow us on our blog, and facebook across the globe!  People are surprised how much real work gets accomplished with the right information and the right motivation during these calls.  

90% of what we do everyday in our training and whispering is equipping owners to be prepared and confident enough to handle their own dog and their own situations.  You are the key to your dog or pup's better future.  

If you are currently or have ever used a trainer or behaviorist who wants to sign you up for a year, sign you up for 10 or 20 classes, or upsells you session after session or class after class, or keeps you on the hook, they are probably doing so strictly for their own financial gains and obviously NOT equipping you to move forward in a timely fashion.  This is unethical!  The other large possibility may be that they simply have poor methods and so they get poor results and it takes up so much of your time! (Beware bad training methods!)  If they dogmatically talk about or use "positive reinforcement only" or "negative reinforcement" or if they constantly use food treats or harsh corrections proceed with caution before hiring them because they don't know how to build a healthy relationship! (For more info on our warning see our blog.)  

Garrett knows that if you influence and truly help equip the owner correctly and help them learn the natural way of the dog; great results naturally flow to the dogs!  Things begin to happen faster than most people could imagine and great changes occur if we touch into the social dog's way!  Human education is the key to proper dog education.  Dogs are the closest relationship mankind has with any animal on the planet.  Don't settle for less than the best for you and your family.  

                How much is a calm and smooth-functioning household worth to you?  Don't delay - Call today to schedule your Facetime call!